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Breaking Barriers, Paving Possibilities

Wireless Printers are highly useful and economical printers that keep you from having to buy several printers to cater to the needs of the large number of people in your organization. Being wireless equates to convenience and more flexible usage, which is why a lot of people are now opting to buy printers with wireless connectivity.

A wireless printer can open up a world of possibilities for you and your colleagues or family members, whether you use your printer at home or in the office. Due to the many benefits, demand for these non-wired printers has increased. And this, in turn, has caused an increase in the number of wireless printers in the market.

Choosing just one from these many printers can be confusing, so here’s your guide to buying the best wireless printer for you.

Which Wireless Printers Live Up to Expectations?

Wireless printers that live upto expectations include:

  • Epson WorkForce Goes Wireless
  • HP Photosmart Wireless Offers
  • Canon Pixma Wireless Wonders
  • Lexmark Wireless for Your Home

1. Epson WorkForce Goes Wireless

One of the best wireless printers that offer wireless connectivity and robust specifications to go with it is the Epson WorkForce series. The name alone implies that the printer is made to cater to the needs of an entire work force. And to support this aim, the Epson WorkForce printers offer top print speeds and several functions that your team can share. These include printing, copying, faxing, and scanning, plus a host of special features in between, such as double-sided printing and PC-less printing with embedded memory card slots.

The ultimate WorkForce machine is the Epson WorkForce 600, one of the bestselling and best-performing wireless all in one printers that provides all these important features plus a robust print machine that can withstand the many printing challenges you and your team will face.

2. HP Photosmart Wireless Offers

wireless printerThe HP Photosmart series is one of the most popular professional-grade photo printer series in the market, boasting of a special pigment ink technology from HP that allows it to achieve accurate and finely detailed prints. The capabilities of Photosmart printers deserve to be shared. With a top speed of 30 and 23 ppm for black and color printing respectively, a scanner resolution of 4800x4800 dpi, and support for various paper sizes, the Photosmart can meet a lot of printing needs, even panoramic prints. To help you maximize that level of productivity and capability, best share it with the rest of the team. And that’s where its wireless wonders come in.

If you need a wireless Photosmart printer, one of your best choices is the C3485, an all in one wireless printer with embedded Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g allowance to allow your entire team to access its myriad possibilities.

3. Canon Pixma Wireless Wonders

The Canon Pixma line has gotten all consumers and business users in the printing market awed with its breakthrough 1-picoliter ink droplet print performance, a patented print head, and special high-quality Canon inks. Due to its top color capture and vibrant prints, the Canon Pixma series boasts of several photo-focused printers.

To help you make the most out of your high-quality Canon Pixma printer, get one with wireless connectivity such as the Canon Pixma iP5200R, which can print borderless 4x6 inch photos in seconds. The printer prints with an amazing 9600x2400 color dpi and is equipped with a dual paper path for convenience. Your print jobs also become faster and more economical due to the printer’s dual-sided printing capacity.

4. Lexmark Wireless for Your Home

Lexmark also offers wireless inkjet printers designed to be used for home sharing. Lexmark’s wireless offers use a convenient and easy to setup WiFi connectivity option that can allow you to enjoy great-looking prints from anywhere in the house. If you have wireless connection at home and would like to buy a printer, you and other users in your home do not have to connect to the printer each time you need to print. Powered with WiFi connectivity, all the users can trigger print jobs from anywhere in the house as long as there is WiFi signal.

One of the newest home inkjet printers equipped with WiFi connectivity is the S505 or the Lexmark Intuition, which offers WiFi freedom in printing with 33 ppm and 30 ppm black and color print speeds, and 24-second 4x6 borderless photo printing. Using special Vizik ink cartridges and built-in card slots, this is exactly the home wireless printer you need.

Perks of Wireless Printers - Especially HP and Canon Picks

Wireless printers are extremely advantageous because one printer can already serve a lot of users. These printers also eliminate the need and the hassle to set up a wired shared printer, which can be quite a challenge especially in large office settings. All the troublesome cabling connections can be done away with, and this eliminates clutter and hazards at home and in the office. And if you are using laptops, you can move around the house or office and print from anywhere. Obviously, wireless printers are the next generation printers, and you do not harness the benefits of technology if you do not get yourself one.

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