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11 x 17 color laser printers are undoubtedly very useful, especially in medium to large sized businesses. These printers offer you a wide range of printing options and exceed what would otherwise be a limitation for some other printers. Thanks to these printers, there’s just nothing you can’t print.

With an 11 x 15 color laser printer, you can print large-format outputs, which tend to be very useful for business use, especially for large businesses or businesses related with arts and graphics. You can use the printer to bring your storyboards and presentation materials to life.

If you need an 11 x 17 color laser printer, you have plenty of models to choose from, offered to you by the top brands in the industry. The top two brands when it comes to sharp and dependable business printing, Brother, HP, and Lexmark, both have great printer models that can print 11 x 17 documents.

Top-Quality 11 x 17 Color Laser Printers

11 x 17 Color Laser Printers A couple of the top quality 11 x 17 color laser printers are:

  • The 11x17 HP Color LaserJet 9500N Multi-Function Color Laser Printer
  • The HP Color LaserJet 5500N
  • The Lexmark C920N

1. The HP Color LaserJet 9500N Multi-Function Printer

HP’s proud 11 x 17 color laser printer, the HP Color LaserJet 9500N, is one of HP’s best and most versatile multi-function printers. With the LaserJet 9500N, you can print and copy documents up to 11 x 17.

Printing is full-color, copying is accurate, and you even get bonus functions such as scanning, faxing, and scan-to-e-mail. This is a well recommended product for large offices and is even optimized for network sharing.

Using HP’s great printing technology, the print quality of this printer is unquestionable. It prints at a fast 24 ppm rate, and has a printer memory of 160 MB. Though not the most affordable option, this is the first choice you should consider when looking for an 11 x 17 color laser multi-function printer.

2. The HP Color LaserJet 5500N

If you need a more affordable printer, however, you don’t have to go far from the 9500N. HP also provides a cheaper alternative with the 5500N. This is another 11 x 17 laser printer that can render sharp black and white as well as color prints. This is also a workgroup printer which can be easily connected to your office network.

The print quality is good, with 600 dpi resolution, and it also prints quite fast, at 21 ppm. The memory is a bit smaller, at 96 MB, and it does not come with a scanner and a fax like the 9500N. Another great feature of this printer is its versatile paper handling, which can support plain paper, glossy paper, cards, envelopes, and even transparencies.

If you are looking for a basic color laser printer with maximum paper size of 11 x 17, this one offers great value at a fairly affordable price.

3. The Lexmark C920N, An Excellent 11x17 Color Laser Printer

You can also check out the Lexmark C920N, a very fast and affordable model. This is one competitive printer that just puts competitors out of business. Printing at speeds of 36 ppm in black and 32 ppm in color, the printer definitely gives other options in this category a run for their money. It has a 1 GHz processor, an advanced operator panel, and Direct PDF printing. It can print 11 x 17 documents as well as banner media.

At its affordable price, you can hardly guess that this printer can do all it promises. This is a great choice for business users looking for a basic color laser printer that can handle 11 x 17 printing.

11 x 17 Color Laser Printer: What’s Important

Since you are going to use your 11 x 17 color laser printer for your presentation materials, one important thing you have to keep in mind is that quality matters a lot. What good would your large-format prints be if they don’t look good?

That’s why print quality is the most important feature in an 11 x 17 color laser printer, so your important large documents will be rendered impressively so your audience will be rendered speechless with your sharp and crisp prints.Aside from that, you should consider price, network connectivity, and print speed.

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