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A Samsung color laser printer, impressive in every way possible, is the result when you put laser technology and the Samsung mark of quality together.

Samsung is one of the largest electronics companies in the world. It is a South Korea company but is making waves worldwide. It is currently the leading consumer electronics provider in the world, overtaking other big names in the industry. The company produces computers, TVs, monitors, mobile phones, and have expanded into producing printers, bringing its expertise over into the printing world.

In the printer category, Samsung has several offers currently on the market. They have Samsung color laser printers, monochrome laser printers, inkjet printers, multifunction printers, and lightweight, portable printers.

Focusing on the color laser printers, the market further divides into two main parts: the basic color laser printers and the multi-function color laser printers. They have four lines under the basic color printer category, specifically the CLP 300, CLP 315, CLP 610, and CLP 660. They also have the CLX printer series, which include the company’s multi-function color laser printers.

Top Models in the Samsung Color Laser Printer Series

Some of the top models in the Samsung color laser printer series are:

  • CLP 300: Personal Printing
  • CLP 315: Office Printing
  • CLP 610 and 660: Professional Printing
  • CLX All-in-One Samsung Color Laser Printers

1. CLP 300: Personal Printing

The CLP 300 is Samsung’s smallest and lightest Samsung color laser printer series. The printers are light, stylish, and dependable. The print speed is 17 ppm for black printing and 4 ppm for colored printing, fairly average but perfectly reliable. The laser prints are unquestionably sharp and detailed, and Samsung prides itself in delivering ultra-quiet printing with their NO-NOIS technology. The CLP 300 also has a variant, the CLP 300N, the network-ready counterpart of the CLP 300.

2. CLP 315: Office Printing

Next, there’s the CLP 315 printer series, which dedicates itself to producing printers that are able to produce sharp, professional-looking prints. The printers are fairly small in size that it can fit comfortably in a small business office.

The print speeds are the same as with the CLP 300 printers as well as the NO NOIS technology. But if the CLP 300 printers come in white/grey color, the CLP 315 printer (in the video to the right) comes in a sleek, elegant black body. It also has a variant, the CLP 315W, which is optimized for wireless network connectivity.

3. CLP 610 and 660: Professional Printing

samsung color laser printerThe CLP 610, on the other hand, boasts of sharp details on its prints, thanks to its 2400 x 600 dpi print resolution. The print speed reaches 21 ppm, and the printer comes with additional features such as automatic duplexer, ready network connectivity, NO NOIS print technology, a great paper handling options.

Aside from that, there’s the CLP 660, a business class printer. It prints with a resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi, and is impressively speedy with 25 ppm for both black and colored printing. This is great for high-volume printing, and is ready to be linked to your network. This is a great choice if you are looking for a high-end advanced model.

4. CLX All-in-One Samsung Color Laser Printers

The CLX printer series refers to Samsung color laser printers combined with scanning, copying, and faxing functions. Under this series, they have seven great products, starting with their hottest offer yet, the CLX 3175, a black powerful-looking machine equipped with convenient and sophisticated one-touch functions. The printer, despite its wide range of uses, is quite compact for its own good. It is also a very quiet worker, silently churning out only the sharpest, most impressive professional prints. This is a great member of any workplace.

The speeds are 17 ppm for black and 4 ppm for colored printing. It also comes with automatic duplexing and colored faxing.

The printer is also network ready, making it a feasible option for businesses. Aside from the 3175, you can check out other multifunction color laser printers from Samsung, such as the CLX 3160FN, MultiXpress CLX 8380, the 6240FX, the 6200FX, and the very cost efficient 6210FX.

The Verdict on Samsung Color Laser Printer Models

Samsung color laser printers are trusty products. Though Samsung is not first and foremost a printer provider, it sure has a lot of experience in consumer electronics that it manages to produce very impressive printers indeed. These printers are functional and have some great features such as the NO NOIS printing technology.

If you are looking for color laser printers, Samsung may just have what you’re looking for.

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