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A Brother color laser printer is exactly what you need if you are looking for printers that put function and performance on top of anything else. As other products try to drown you with all their features, Brother color laser printers focus on what’s important: the performance.

Brother is one of the most trustworthy printer brands around, thanks primarily to the great importance they place on print quality and overall performance. If you have Brother printer, you have a printer that can handle your printing needs through thick and through thin. When it comes to laser printing, Brother brings its excellence to the next level.

Laser printing technology is not simple. It is quite the meticulous printing process, and a lot of factors can affect the performance of a laser printer. But Brother color laser printers have all the important factors down pat: the performance, the speed, the print quality, and even the additional offers to help you fit the printer into your life. Here are some of their great printer models.

Brother Color Laser Printer Review : So Many to Choose From

Recommended printer models are available under the categories below:

  • Brother’s Basic Color Laser Printers
  • Brother’s Multifunction Color Laser Printers

1. Brother’s Basic Color Laser Printers

First, Brother offers basic desktop printers that use the popular laser printing technology. They have two main models under this category, namely the HL4040N and the HL4070CDW. At a price of around $399, the HL4040N is a powerful desktop color laser printer.

It boasts of a speed of 21 pages per minute not only for monochrome printing but also for colored printing. Now, that’s taking speed to the next level. Aside from that, it has a maximum of 300-sheet paper capacity, a print resolution of 2400x600 ensuring great quality prints, and a 64 MB memory. It can work for any home user as well as for the small business, with its Ethernet connectivity.

Brother Color Laser Printer The other model, HL4070CDW, is almost exactly the same as the HL4040N, but with a few improvements, particularly the wireless feature.

2. Brother’s Multifunction Color Laser Printers

As for Brother’s multifunction color laser printers, the list is relatively longer, perhaps because laser printing is more suitable for business use, which often has an inclination towards the MFCs for its multi-function nature. There are four top models in this category, starting with the DCP9040CN, at $599, which offers excellent black and colored printing at speeds of 21 pages per minute. Aside from that, as an MFC, the machine offers black and white as well as colored scanning and copying.

The printer prints with a 2400 x 600 dpi resolution and comes with a 64 MB memory. It can work well for the small business with its Ethernet connectivity. The next model is the DCP9045CDN, at $699. The printer is similar to the DCP9040CN in many ways, including the 300-sheet maximum paper capacity and the impressive print speeds. The significant upgrade is that this model has 128 MB memory. This is for medium-sized businesses with Ethernet connectivity. These MFCs, however, have certain limitations, which can be answered by the next two models.

Brother also offers the MFC9440CN, an impressive 21 ppm Brother color laser printer with a print resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi. The model is available at around $599 and accommodates both monochrome and colored printing, scanning, and copying. It comes with Ethernet connectivity and high-speed faxing. As a fax machine, it comes with a 33.6 Kbps modem.

But for larger business usage, Ethernet connectivity is just not enough. With an impressive range of features, the 9840CDW, at $699, is packed with wireless connectivity as well as all the other important features of a multifunction printer. It also has wired connectivity, a 21 pages per minute speed for both black and white as well as colored printing, and a sharp 2400 x 600 dpi print resolution.

A Brother Color Laser Printer for Every User

Judging by its selection of Brother color laser printers, the company sure has something in store for every consumer looking for a decent, dependable color laser printer that can meet all his needs.

There’s no doubt that these products can be found in charts listing the best color laser printers around. For the small business user, the medium-sized business, and the large business, there is a Brother printer in store.

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