Best Color Laser Printer
Making the Choice

If you need high-quality plain paper printers that print with high speed, you should be looking for the best color laser printers.

A lot of top brands such as HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, and Brother all offer great color laser printers.

It can be pretty difficult to choose one seeing as that all these brands offer many models of color laser printers each.

But before you choose which color laser printer to buy, it would help to know what benefits you will get when you buy a printer that uses the laser printing technology.

This will help you spot the best color laser printer that offers these benefits best.

Benefits that the Best Color Laser Printers Should Provide

Best Color Laser Printers 1. Color Laser Printer Speed

Laser printers are well-known for their speed. Most of the time, the speed of the printers depend on the complexity of the documents being printed.

Since laser printers store the data being printed in memory, they work faster because they do not have to wait for the entire data to be read the way that inkjet printers work.

If you are comparing different laser printers, take note of the speed. And since you are looking for a color printer, look at the speed of printing in color, which is often slower than the black printing speed.

If you are using the printer for home use, you can settle for the mid-speed printers at lower prices, but if you are using the printer for large office use, then high-speed printers for mass printing will be better for you.

But when considering the speed, don’t forget to always check the print quality to make sure that it is not sacrificed. Laser printers can also include additional features that make them even more ideal to use.

2. Two-Sided Printing Features

Look for laser printers with duplexers or two-sided printing feature so that you can save time and paper costs. Although duplexers can raise the price of your printer, there are now affordable laser printers that have this feature.

3. Desktop vs. Multi-Function

Color laser printers also come in various forms. There are desktop printers and multi-function ones. Your choice will depend on where you will use the printer for.

But if you buy a multi-function printer for the office, consider also whether you want to share the printer among a workgroup. If you do, then you have to look for a printer that is network-ready to help ease the installation process and connection to the network.

Some color laser printers are ready for Ethernet connection while some can even be linked to networks wirelessly. Those are the benefits that you can get from color laser printers.

When looking for the best color laser printer for you, consider those benefits and compare them to your needs.

Best Color Laser Printers Recommended

To assist you in your search, here are some of the best color laser printers that get the highest recommendations from experts and consumers.

PC World has come out with their list of top color laser printers, and here are some products that made it to that list.

Brother HL 4040N

The Brother HL-4040N got great reviews and was even named as a Best Buy. This printer has the important factors down pat, such as speed, quality, and price.

Lexmark c530dn

The Lexmark C530dn is also a good color laser printer, but is a bit more expensive.

HP LaserJet 3800n

The HP LaserJet 3800n is also great for the office. As an all-in-one office printer, it can also scan and make copies.

It can also make great prints on both plain and glossy paper, which means that you can also use it to print flyers, brochures, and presentation materials for the office.

Top Brands that Offer the Best Color Laser Printers

Experts have their own favorites when it comes to the best color laser printers, but you are the only one who can tell what kind of printer is great for you based on your needs.

Color laser printers from brands HP, Lexmark, and Brother top the charts. You can also check out some models from Konica, Xerox, and Dell.

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