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Looking for the best inkjet printer ? If you need a photo printer that can help you print great graphics and photos, then you should be in the market for the inkjet printers.

The inkjet printing technology is optimized for photo printing. Inkjet printers make use of small ink droplets to capture complete photos and images on paper.

This technology is known for its very precise and exact color capture and great quality printing of photos on various types of media, especially photo papers.

An inkjet printer is a great companion for photographers, art aficionados, graphic artists and designers, as well as the home user looking to archive some photos. These printers are also celebrated for their ability to print fade-resistant photos that last a long time.

If you are looking for printers with amazing color printing quality, you might find one among the inkjet printer choices.

What to Look for in the Best Inkjet Printer

Best Inkjet Printer When you are looking for the best inkjet printer, there are certain things you should be looking for. The best inkjet printer should be backed by special ink system, which makes them able to print only the finest quality photos.

1. Dye-Based vs. Pigment-Based

There are two types of inks that are used for inkjet printers,

  • the dye-based printer ink printers ones
  • and the pigment-based ink printers

Dye-based inks are known to produce vivid and saturated colors while pigment-based inks are more appreciated due to their longevity and resistance to certain factors such as fading due to light exposure and water. For long-lasting prints, pigment-based inks are preferably used.

But now, some models combine these two types of ink. For example, they offer dye-based color inks and use pigment-based black inks. There is a reason why some brands offer better inkjet printers than others, and the secret lies in their inks.

For this reason, Canon produces their special FINE technology ink system, HP has their Vivera inks, and Epson has their special UltraChrome ink technology.

Best Inkjet Printer Brands

There are a lot of printer manufacturers, and each of them usually has its own specialty.

Experts have ranked Lexmark and Brother well for their laser printer and multi-function centers.

1. Canon Pixma and HP Photosmart

But when it comes to inkjet printers, the list specifically spotlights on Canon and Epson, and HP’s Photosmart printer series. Canon and Epson are the leaders in inkjet printing because of their special innovative technology that greatly enhances photo printing quality.

Canon offers a lot of models under their Pixma series. They have achieved a 1-microscopic ink droplet using thousands of precision nozzles through their specially patented FINE technology, which can print photos with up to 9600 x 4800 dpi and can catch even the most precise and finest details.

2. Epson Sylus Photo and Picturemate

The Epson technology also dominates the market with their Stylus Photo, Stylus Pro, and Picturemate printers.

Since Canon is more popular as a brand that sells cameras and other machines, Epson dominates the printer market with a stronger hold. These two brands can be trusted to provide the greatest photo prints around, and HP also offers its special photo printer series, the Photosmart, for a little competition.

Best Inkjet Printer Models with the Best Ratings

PC World has come out with their list of the best inkjet printer models out there.

They have ranked (in this order)

  1. Canon Pixma iP3500,
  2. Canon Pixma iP4500,
  3. Canon Pixma iP2600,
  4. HP Photosmart D7460
  5. HP Photosmart D5360,

As the top five inkjet printers.

Top Picks : Canon Pixma iP2600/iP4500

Among all these, the Canon Pixma iP2600 is the most affordable, at only around $50, but it is focused on home and student needs and does not have a full set of features like other greater models.

The Pixma iP4500 is rated as the best in quality, value, and its mix of features.

Also Check Out Epson Stylus Photo 1400

Another great model is the Epson Stylus Photo 1400, which offers amazing print quality. On the downside, however, it is a bit expensive.

If you need an office inkjet printer, Canon offers a lot of office all-in-one inkjet printers as well, but a topnotch printer is the HP OfficeJet Pro K5400dtn because of its great quality and reasonable price.

These models may just be the best inkjet printer for you, but be sure to look for some more.

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