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A wide format color laser printer definitely plays an important role in any business, especially large companies wherein banner and wide-format printing is not entirely avoidable. To end your printing outsourcing woes, just buy a wide format color laser printer that can print those storyboards, posters, banners, and other wide-format documents and materials. And to give justice to them, you need a color printer to help you impress your all-important clients.

There are two authorities when it comes to wide format printing. Though there are a lot of products that offer wide format printing capability, the models that make waves in the market come from these top two brands, specifically Lexmark and HP. Each brand offers several different models for you to choose from.

Since laser printing is mostly targeted towards the office and wide format printing rarely becomes necessary in other printing settings, most of the features included in wide format color laser printers are optimized for great use at the office. Here are some of the best models when it comes to wide formal laser printing in full color.

Candidates for the Best Wide Format Color Laser Printer

Candidates for the best wide format color laser printer include:

  • Lexmark’s Best Representatives
  • HP’s Delegates

1. Lexmark’s Best Representatives

Lexmark has three top color laser printers with wide format support. These three are all very popular, especially the C935dn, an impressive large business printer that offers features targeted very specifically to hardcore business users. The model promises brilliant print outputs, duplex printing, and a sharp 2400 dpi print resolution. This is a mid-level printer, at around $2,000, as compared to the C912 at over $3,000 and theC920n, a very popular model at an affordable price of only $982. The C912 is a more advanced, high-end model, offering, aside from distinct printing and excellent performance, three toner-saving settings for cost-efficient and controlled printing. It is also not just a wide format printer but also a high volume printer.

Wide Format Color Laser PrinterAs for the C920n, the most popular among the three, wide format printing does not have to cost you a lot. In fact, at a very reasonable price, this model performs just as well as the others do. With a print resolution of 2400 dpi, you’ll surely get full and clean laser prints even with a speed of 36 pages per minute for both colored and monochrome printing. The model also comes equipped with a 256 MB RAM, which is important for handling large format printing jobs. It can also be linked to a network through Ethernet connection.

2. HP’s Delegates

HP, however, will not let its avid supporters down. For the wide format category, HP offers the four highly impressive printers in the HP LaserJet 5550 series, which includes the 5550n, 5550dn, 5550dtn, and 5550hdn.

All four printers are equipped with a print speed of 27 ppm for both monochrome and color prints, a 533 MHz Processor, a 288 MB RAM, and a wide format support of paper with sizes of up to 12 x 18.5. The 5550n and 5550dn both have 600-sheet paper input capacity, while the 5550dtn can handle 1,100 sheets. But that’s nothing compared to the 5550hdn’s 2,100 sheet capacity. The 5550dtn comes with a duplexer and an Ethernet connection, just like the 5550hdn. The latter, however, comes with a 20GB hard drive for high volume printing.

These models are definitely not the most affordable ones around, but judging on their printers, you get pretty much what you pay for, or even more. With prices ranging between $2,900 and $5,500, these printers will surely meet your demands.

Special Considerations When Buying a Wide Format Color Laser Printer

When buying wide format color laser printers, there are certain things to watch out for. Remember that these printers are mostly designed for use in the office, which means it must have network connectivity, a large memory for multiple users, and fast print speeds to avoid inconvenience. But since you’ll probably use your wide format color laser printer to print full-color presentations, posters, and banners, you need one that more than decently renders images. So you also have to consider the print quality. By considering these aspects, you will surely be led straight to the best wide format color laser printer around.

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