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canon i9900 The Canon i9900 can breathe life into your colored prints. This printer is one of Canon’s best offers, and they market this as your very own printer that can compete even with professional processing labs in print quality, making it a crowd favorite among professional photographers and professionals in the graphic design industry.

The i9900 is undoubtedly high-end; one can tell based on its long list of features and capabilities.


Canon i9900: Secrets of Success

Some of the reasons for the success of Canon i9900 can be attributed to:

  • What You Can Do with the i9900
  • The i9900 Superb Technology
  • The i9900 Ink Technology

1. What You Can Do with the i9900

If you’ve got a Canon i9900, all your printing needs will definitely be met. The printer can print vibrant and outstanding borderless prints as small as 4” x 6” all the way to a large format poster size of 13” x 19”. In between, the supported paper sizes are 5” x 7”, letter, legal, tabloid or 11” x 17”, and envelopes.Also, you can use plain paper, glossy paper, photo paper, matte paper, envelopes, and even transparencies.

So whatever you need to print, just name it, and this printer can surely handle it, and in practically no time too. A borderless 4” x 6” print will take only around 38 seconds, an obviously impressive feat. And as a photo printer, your prints will look exactly like it would if it were printed using a professional printing lab machine, with a high 4800 x 2400 dpi.

Aside from true-to-life photo printing, this printer can work for your plain text documents and colored prints as well. But the Canon i9900 does more than just printing. It makes your life easier and more convenient with its direct print technology.

All you need is a digital camera, and since the printer comes with a ready PictBridge port, you can easily connect your camera to your printer and using the Direct Print Port, print your pictures in a flash without having to go through all the motions of turning on your computer and waiting for it to load. It also comes with a FireWire as well as compatibility with USB 2.0 and USB 2.0 Hi-Speed.

2. The i9900 Superb Technology

What makes the Canon i9900 a product like no other is its fine prints, which seems to give justice to every single grain of detail on the photo or image you are printing. This is made possible by the fascinating MicroFine Droplet Technology, which significantly reduces the ink droplet size to make sure that every minute detail on your image or photo is captured on print. The i9900 uses up to 2-picoliter ink droplets for the most precise prints.

The composition will turn out to be very thorough and fine, and prints will come out smooth and without the grainy texture of prints from printers of lesser technology. Mechanically, this technology is embodied in a brilliant print head, which contains exactly 6,144 nozzles, a number by far unsurpassed.

Every square inch of a photo or image will contain around 11 million ink droplets – you can just imagine how many details that can capture.

3. The i9900 Ink Technology

Aside from the print head technology, the i9900 also uses an impressive ink system, the special Canon ChromaPLUS ink system. This ink technology uses a record number of eight colors, so every hue will surely be captured. The effect?

Prints that look just like the real thing. The eight-color ink system, which includes C, M, Y, Bk, PC, PM, G, and R. also uses the special Canon Think Tank System, which makes use of individual ink tanks for all eight colors. With this system, instead of a single catridge system, you can replace only the colors that have run out, so you get to save a lot.

Canon i9900: A Last Word

Simply by looking at its basic specifications, there is no doubt that the Canon i9900 is one of the best photo printers any brand has ever come up with, and it’s no surprise that this amazing printer comes from one of the best brands in the industry. Canon is definitely well-known for excellent print quality and revolutionary innovations in printing.

But even as a high-end printer with superior capabilities and top-class quality, this printer is quite affordable if you look at its features side by side with its price. All in all, this is one fast, affordable, and superb quality photo printer from Canon.

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