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Canon MP600 The Canon MP600 introduction made the Multi-taskers rejoiced. Excellently engineered, the printer combines three great functions in just one stylish, attractive package.

Due to all the things that it can do, along with the great package that it comes in, this printer sure turned heads around when it first came out.

The printer made waves because of the amazing prints it can produce, and a lot of people came out to buy the product after it was put on the market.

If you are in the market for a photo printer, no matter where you are going to use it, the MP600 All-in-One printer from Canon can keep up with you.

Lets Review What the Canon MP600 Is All About

The MP600 Stands Out from the rest.

  • The Whole Multifunction Pack
  • Precise Canon Printing
  • Resolution Capacity
  • The MP600 Excellent Copy and Print

1. The Whole Multifunction Pack

The Canon MP600 is, in essence, an all-in-one photo printer.

But it stands out from the competition because of Canon’s advanced printing technology which they employed in the creation of this masterpiece.

Although not their greatest product to date, when it was first introduced, the MP600 from Canon was a leading printer. There are, of course, a lot of reasons for it.

2. Precise Printing

Canon really crossed the limits with this one. Using 3,584 very sharp and fine nozzles for excellent, precise printing, this printer can capture every inch of your photos.

You probably already know that the more nozzles your printer has, the more precise printing will be, and the more beautiful your prints will be.

3. Resolution Capacity

In fact, the printer uses 1-picoliter ink droplets to complete the photos you print. Your prints will also look really clear and lifelike with the printer’s maximum resolution capacity of 9600 x 2400 dpi.

3. MP600 Print Quality

The ink technology used by Canon, especially when combined with Canon genuine paper, can produce long-lasting prints with brilliant color. Even when text documents are printed, the result will be sharp and clear.

4. Scanner

The printer also comes with a scanner. The scanner is a very versatile part of the printer. You can scan photos, documents, and forms in various sizes and even various media. The maximum resolution achieved by the scanner is 2400 x 4800 dpi, and it uses 48-bit color depth.

5. Copier with DCGPT

Aside from that, the printer has a copier, which uses Canon’s high-technology Dual Color Gamut Processing Technology or DCGPT to ensure that you make only the best copies that give justice to the original copies.

Great Features of the Canon MP600

With the Canon MP600, every single aspect of it can be considered great product features. But here are some really unique features that only Canon can provide.

Canon provides a wide range of connectivity options so you can use your printer for a wide variety of purposes. You can choose to print using the printer in many ways.

And not all these ways require the presence of a computer. Printing with just the printer alone is possible, which helps you save a lot of time and effort as well as money that you otherwise would have spent on electrical costs incurred by the use of your computer.

That’s now unnecessary, with this printer’s direct printing capabilities. With this printer, you can click, connect, and print using your camera, which you can directly connect to the printer through the built-in PictBridge port. You can connect even your DV camcorder to the printer.

Aside from that, you can also use memory cards directly on the printer. Just insert them into the correct slots and you’re good to go. And in this very world where the line between mobile phones and cameras is thinning, Canon has again made a breakthrough feature that can make your life so much more convenient.

You can send pictures straight from your camera phone to the printer by sending them through Infrared or getting an optional Bluetooth adapter for the printer. Just like that, you can send your photos to the printer wirelessly.

Then, you can preview your prints on the printer’s 2.5-inch screen before you print.The printer also has Canon’s special Easy-Scroll Wheel to make it more easily usable for you.

Testimonials for the Canon MP600

According to reviewers from PC World, this printer is a solid multi-function printer with a reasonable price. Although the product does not include a fax machine, it is still a great multi-function specifically focused on photo printing than for office use.

If you are looking for an office printer, you might want a model that has a built-in fax. But if you are looking for an all-in-one but does not really need the fax machine, the Canon MP600 would definitely make a great choice.

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