Canon MP610
The Most User-Friendly Photo All-in-One Printer

Canon MP610 The Canon MP610 is one of the bestselling printers under Canon’s all-in-one inkjet photo printers.

It can be used at home and in the office, so as long as you have this printer, you can print vivid photos and sharp text documents anytime and with practically no effort at all.

This is great for home users who like taking pictures but has a very precise and advanced printing technology that would meet the standards of even the most meticulous photographer or graphic artist.

It can also print excellent text documents, scan, and make copies, which also makes it a versatile machine that can keep up even with the needs of an office. And with its very convenient features, it can be operated even by techno-phobic folks.

There’s no need for special skills with this very user-friendly all-in-one photo printer.

The Basic Technology behind the Canon MP610

The Canon MP610 has some excellent features.

  • Extremly high printer speed
  • The Canon 610 High Resoultion
  • Scanner and Copier features

1. Printing Speed

It only takes the Canon MP610 a breakthrough 21 seconds to print great borderless 4” x 6” photos, with its rapid print speed of 31 ppm for color printing and 24 ppm for black printing.

2. Print Resolution

At that speed, the printer can achieve an exceptional resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi by printing with microscopic 1-picoliter ink droplets, another record for Canon.

What’s more is that you can make sure that your prints will have the finest quality color, especially with Canon’s special patented print head technology that utilizes 4,608 nozzles to make sure that the finest details of your prints are captured.

The printer also comes with the 5-color ink system using genuine Canon inks to further enhance the print output. Four of the five individual inks are dye-based color inks, while the last is a pigment-based black ink.

And if the details of your prints need a little more refining, then you can fix your images easily using the Canon’s Auto-Image Fix option.

3. Scanner, Copier

You can also expect the same exceptional performance from the Canon MP610’s scanner and copier. The scanner can scan up to 4800 x 9600 dpi and the copier is backed by Canon’s special D.C.G. Processing Technology.

Features that Build the Canon MP610

An all-in-one photo printer that offers ease of use, the Canon MP610 is well-known among people who thrive on versatility.

Having options is a great thing, and having a printer like this is exactly the same way. Complete with a 2.5" TFT screen, the printer can work even without a computer. You can easily preview your photos and documents on the screen before you print them.

So where will the pictures and documents come from? That’s another aspect where Canon MP610 excels and wins over the competition.

Offering various connectivity options like memory card slots and PictBridge, the printer can accommodate your prints straight from a digital camera or a variety of memory cards. You can even print straight from a camcorder, and even a cellular phone!

Now, that’s something that hasn’t been achieved by most other brands, which proves once again that Canon is an innovative leader. Equipping its printer with convenient Bluetooth technology as well as IrDA or Infrared, this printer doesn’t have much use for wires anymore and offers you more possibilities.

Other additional features include duplex printing, Quick Start for zero loading time, Energy Star certification, and compatibility with Mac and various Windows platforms, even Windows Vista.

And another great feature only from Canon is the Easy-Scroll Wheel, which makes operation even easier, making this printer the most user-friendly photo printer around at its range of capabilities.

The Canon MP610 According to Experts and Users

The status of the Canon MP610 as a bestselling printer can be seen based on its reviews.

Praised for being a photo printer but designed to do more, this printer gets only positive comments from those who have experienced using it. Although very similar to the MP600, reviewers did find several refinements that make the printer an even better buy.

Except for some minor and occasional glitches in paper handling when printing full-page graphics on thin, plain paper, this is one full-powered printer.

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