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A cheap color laser printer is an integral part of any starting business.

A printer such as this can help you do the necessary work without a heap of expenses. There are a lot of affordable color laser printers around that can already handle all your printing needs – from monochrome to colored – so you can just buy one affordable machine to help you save money.

We all know that the starting phase of a business is crucial, and a good but reasonably priced color laser printer can help you grow.

In choosing a cheap color laser printer, the price is not your only guide. It is, of course, important to consider the price. But you also have to check maintenance costs and operating costs. In operating costs, you should consider how much each printed page costs. Aside from that, you also have to consider how the printer affects your electrical costs. Maintenance should also be taken into consideration, particularly the toner replacement and the durability of the product.

But out of all the great products out there, it would be hard to choose a cheap color laser printer without a guide. To help you out, here are some products that you should concentrate on when choosing an affordable color laser printer to buy.

Cheap Color Laser Printer Reviews : Which Products Deserve Your Attention?

A few options to check out when searching for cheap color laser printers ;

  • Affortable offfers from HP
  • Cheap options from Brother
  • Budget alternatives from Samsung Color Lasers

1. Affordable Offers from HP

Despite its worldwide fame, Hewlett Packard offers great affordable options when it comes to color laser printers.

The affordable entry-level personal color laser printers include the HP LaserJet CP1215 at a sale price of $299, which is fairly cheap though not the cheapest in the market. But you can get this from other sellers at even cheaper prices. The printer can print 12 black pages in a minute and 8 when the prints are colored. The printer uses special ColorSphere Toner for great coloring. It also has a compact design that easily fits into any workspace.

Cheap Color Laser PrinterFor a mid-level printer, you can also check out the HP LaserJet CP1518ni, which is available at only $399 and lower in some sellers. This price is fairly low given the capabilities of the printer. Built for professional printing, this printer can handle demanding print jobs pretty well. It has print speeds of 12 ppm in black and white and 8 ppm in color, and a 150-sheet input tray. It comes with a 96 MB memory and works with various paper types.

But if you are looking for an all-in-one printer, there’s the HP LaserJet CM1312nfi, which is reasonably priced at $499, given its multiple purposes. This can even be bought for as low as $399 with rebates or discounts in some sellers.

2. Cheap Options from Brother

Brother also has some entry-level color laser printers, specifically the HL-4040CN and the HL-4070CDW.

Both printers are available at prices below $400. The HL-4040CN is quite the popular model. At $399, it is not the cheapest color laser printer around, but it offers low per page printing costs. The printer prints at 21 ppm for both B&W and colored and has a resolution of 2400x600 dpi. The printer is great for small to medium enterprise especially with its Ethernet connectivity. It also has an LCD display for direct printing from USB and even a PictBridge port for cameras. The features are definitely more than you pay for.

The HL-4070CDW, on the other hand, is a bit cheaper. It has a duplexer, Ethernet and wireless connectivity, direct printing ports, and USB port. If you need a color laser printer with wireless connectivity, this is your cheapest option.

3. Budget Alternatives from Samsung

For personal shoppers with a budget, your number one option would be the Samsung CLP300 Mini Personal Color Laser Printer, which is available at only around $240. The compact printer can produce great color documents at 4 ppm and text documents at 17 ppm. It also has the NO NOIS technology and good paper capacity.

And since this is also Energy Star qualified, you can save on electrical costs. But if you want a cheap color laser printer with wireless connectivity, your best bet is the CLP315W. The product can be bought for as low as $250. The compact, stylish printer with a black minimalist look produces great colored prints. The printer can be loaded onto any network easily with both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity. This is definitely a great buy for its price.

Cheap Color Laser Printer Options from Top Brands

When you’re searching for a cheap color laser printer, you won’t get all the features that advanced and high-end printers boast of. But they can give you the solid functionality and performance you need as long as you look for a good printer that does not sacrifice quality despite its low price.

To find such printers, don’t go looking for bargain brands. Printer reviews show : go to top brands like Samsung, HP, and Brother, which offer cheap options for consumers like you.

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