Canon Color Laser Printer
Your Best Office Worker

A Canon color laser printer is a great addition to your office staff. It is efficient and highly productive. It offers just about everything you need from a color laser printer. As can be expected, you just can’t expect anything less from a Canon.

Laser printers are excellent options for business use due to its cost efficiency and high volume capability. Now that there are a lot of color laser printers, businesses don’t have to buy a separate printer for high volume text printing and for special photo printing. You can now do everything with just one printer.

Another great revolution in the printer world is the combination of a color laser printer, a copier, a scanner, and a fax machine. That’s what Canon offers in their three phenomenal Canon color laser printers.

The Roster of Top Canon Color Laser Printer

Some of the top Canon laser printer models are:

  • MF8170c: One of the Firsts of Canon color laser printers
  • MF8180c: Your Ultimate Business Worker
  • MF8450c: Something to Look Forward to

1. MF8170c: One of the Firsts

The Canon color laser printer MF8170c was Canon’s first leap into the multifunction color laser printer industry, and it was a good first try. Pretty impressive, even, given the printer’s high specifications and with Canon’s special 4-pass color laser engine. The machine is packed with a printer, scanner, fax machine, and a color copier. It is also equipped with a 50-page ADF. The printing speed is standard for black and white printing at 16 ppm and color laser printing at 4 ppm. There’s nothing that can be said about the print quality. The machine is a Canon, after all. The text, even at small 4 point fonts, can be read clearly. The photo printing quality is impressive enough for a color laser printer.

Other extras you’ll love about this product is that it is quite affordable. It is, in fact, one of the most affordable of its kind. It can also be installed and use with ease. This is a great entry-level option if you need a multifunction color laser printer.

Canon Color Laser Printer2. MF8180c: Your Ultimate Business Worker

For medium to large businesses, the MF8170c may fall short of certain important requirements. This is where the MF8180c comes in. Learning from the limitations of its predecessor, the MF8180c has more to offer, but the upgrades naturally come at a price.

The MF8180c is a color laser printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine in one. It prints with a speed of 20 ppm for black and white and 4 ppm for color printing. With a print resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi, the pint quality leaves nothing to be desired. It has a 375-sheet input capacity plus a 50-sheet Automatic Document Feeder.

The scanner can be relied on for the most precise scans with a dpi resolution of 1200 x 2400 and 48-bit CCD. The color copier is a great feature, which can reduce copies down to 50% and enlarge up to 200%. The fax paper has a maximum of 256 pages and works at a speed of 33.6 Kbps. The printer can also be linked to an Ethernet network for workgroup use. In printer reviews around this one has claimed excellent ratings all over.

3. MF8450c: Something to Look Forward to

Canon just does not stop innovating. A new Canon color laser printer is about to be released in the market. The new product has already been released publicly. It is again meant for business usage with its professional monochrome and color printing quality and 17 ppm speed.

The printer uses Canon’s Pure Black Technology, which makes use of pure black toner instead of combining different colors to form black. With this dedicated black technology, you get the richest, sharpest black prints. The printer also comes with a color copier, a scanner, and a fax machine. It also has a duplexer and a new feature, the DADF or Duplex Automatic Document Feeder.

The fax machine is a powerful addition, with a speed of 33.6 Kbps and the Super G3 faxii, a speed dial capacity of 200, and a 1000 page memory. It is also great for workgroup printing with Ethernet connectivity, and is even an Energy Star product. This is definitely something to look forward to.

Printer Reviews Says : Nothing Like A Canon Color Laser Printer

There’s no need to say it: a Canon color laser printer would always be a top choice when it comes to buying color laser printers. Canon provides you with excellent quality and dependable durability. The name itself says it all.

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