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A color laser printer comparison can help you find the best color laser printer that meets your most specific needs. In the color laser printer world, three top brands that dominate the scene and some other brands attempting to break into the market.

Just as there are color laser printers for various needs, there are color laser printers for various budget ranges as well. The cheapest color laser printers are those less than $700. These are entry-level single-function color laser printers.

You can also go for high-end printers at mid-range, priced between $1000 to $2000. For multi-function printers, prices can go from $2000 and higher.

Color Laser Comparison: Which Printers Are the Best?

A few things to know before deciding on the best color laser printers are :

  • The Brands Matter
  • Single-Function Color Laser Printers
  • Multi-Function Color Laser Printers

1. The Brands Matter : HP, Lexmark and Brother

HP is well-known for world-class quality, competitive prices, and the impressive range of options they offer. For every color laser printing need, there seems to be an HP model built for that. Their printers are also not the cheapest nor do they have the highest resolutions around. But they boast of great features, business-based reliability, network-sharing, and high-volume efficiency.

Color Laser Printer ComparisonOn the other hand, Lexmark is known for impressive print speeds paired with good quality prints. They also have the Eco-Mode feature on some of their printers, which calls for even lower operation costs. The price, however, could be a limitation, which is, in contrast, the strong point of Brother color laser printers. Brother laser printers are quite affordable, not just on your initial outlay but also in operation as their toner cartridges are affordable as well. Performance and print quality, however, are all set to meet your expectations.

2. Single-Function Color Laser Printers

Personal or single-purpose color laser printer comparisons will lead you to the following printers: the CP1518ni from HP, the HL4070CDW from Brother, the C530dn from Lexmark, and the CLP315 from Samsung. The CP1518ni may be a single-function printer, but it is certainly a professional worker. With 600 x 600 dpi print resolution, the HP ImageREt 3600, the ColorSphere toner, and 12ppm black printing, and 8 ppm color printing, the printer is one efficient worker.

The HL4070CDW, however, has additional features not offered by the CP1518ni from HP. It has an automatic duplexer and wireless connectivity, along with other standard features. The printer has a higher print resolution at 2400 x 600, and is also faster at 20 ppm for both types of printing. The price, of course, is higher.

The Lexmark C532dn is the product in between the first two mentioned. It has versatile paper handling and a duplexer, and can even print at a top speed of 24 ppm and 22 ppm for monochrome and colored printing respectively. It is also built for network sharing, and the price is just right.

The first three products are all built for professional use, while Samsung focuses more on personal usage, offering a product most affordable among the others on this color laser printer comparison. The CLP315W comes in a futuristic black model. Speed is not its strongest point, though. It can only print 4 colored pages in a minute and 17 ppm for black. The resolution, however, is still higher than the HP CP1518ni’s. The printer can handle various paper sizes and comes in a compact size perfect for the home business.

3. Multi-Function Color Laser Printers

As for multi-function color laser printer comparison, the top products you’ll encounter are the Lexmark X500n MFP, HP Color LaserJet 2820 All-in-One, the Samsung CLX-2160N, and the Brother MFC-9840CDW. The Lexmark X500n comes with a copier and scanner, and its top features are its fast printing speed and great print outputs. It has a 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, and can be connected to an Ethernet network. The product is fairly affordable.

The HP Color LaserJet 2820 is another print-scan-copy printer. Its resolution is lower at only 600 x 600 dpi, though the price is higher. It comes with Ethernet networking but adds the special HP JetDirect. Samsung, on the other hand, offers the CLX-2160N, which is known for its small size given that it’s a multi-function printer.

The print quality is sharp at 2400 x 600 dpi. Lastly, Brother is famous for its MFCs, one of which is the 9840CDW, combines print-scan-copy with faxing capability, for a relatively low price.

Color Laser Printer Reviews : Things to Consider

Color laser printers are preferred by most business users due to their cost efficient nature.

Laser printers can handle economical high-volume printing, which helps business save even on their most demanding printing needs. This means that in buying a color laser printer, you have to consider carefully how much you think you are going to print in the long run.

Also, aside from considering the cost of the printer itself, you need to consider how much the materials and accessories would cost, such as replacement toner cartridges.

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