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Network Color Laser Printer A network color laser printer is definitely a handy addition to any workgroup. Empowering all members of a staff together with just one machine, a network printer can just be one of the most important machines you’ll ever have to buy for your business.

All brands in the printer business naturally have their candidates in this category, and networking options range from Ethernet or wired connectivity and Wi-Fi or wireless connectivity.

Here are some of the best network color laser printers that are up for the challenge of meeting the needs of various users all at once.

Reviews : Which Network Color Laser Printer is Worth Spending On?

A couple of things to look in order to select a good network color laser printer are:

  • Top Ethernet Options
  • Top Wireless Options

1. Top Ethernet Options

Ethernet connectivity is already considered a standard feature in all mid-range and multifunction network color laser printers. This network connectivity widens the possibilities and makes the printers suitable for more purposes, buying the printer some more customers. If you are looking for an Ethernet-enabled printer, you have quite a lot to choose from. The top two products on the must-check-out list when Ethernet-ready printers are concerned are the Brother HL-4040CN and the Lexmark C780n.

The Lexmark C780n is a powerful offer from this established company - and does well in printer reviews around. It provides Ethernet connectivity paired with amazing print speeds of 35 ppm for black and 31 ppm for colored. Surely, you’ll be free from print jams as this printer churns out all its print jobs in no time. The price, at almost $799, may be a bit expensive, but for its quality, you get all you pay for.

But if you want a cheaper option, you should try the Brother HL-4040CN. Printing is fairly fast, at 21 ppm for both monochrome and color, but quite enough for mid-sized workgroups. The printer has a resolution for 2400 x 600 and even comes with built-in USB port and PictBridge. The price is practically half that of the Lexmark C780n.

2. Top Wireless Options

Wireless connectivity is one of the most useful innovations that ever graced the printing industry. If you are shopping for a printer enabled for wireless connectivity. One great choice, among the many, is the HP Color LaserJet 4700dtn, which can print at a speed of 31 ppm for both printing types. Also, it takes less than 10 seconds for the first page to come out, which means that no printing jams will occur. The resolution is quite low, at only 600 x 600 compared to other printers, but with HP’s ImageREt 3600 technology, even your 600 x 600 dpi will look great and smoothly colored.

The printer veers towards the high-end portion of the market, with 288 MB standard memory and a maximum of 544 MB divided into 512 MB RAM and 32 MB Flash memory. It has 4 paper trays, which can be extended to 6. It is packed with features, namely duplexing, varied paper handling, and an economical Energy Star label. But as can be expected, at more than $2000, this network color laser printer is quite the expensive option.

If you want something that costs less, you can sacrifice some of the features you won’t need and settle with a below $400 printer, embodied in the Samsung CLP-315W. The compact printer can work for both wired and wireless network. The speed is relatively slow, at only 16ppm and 4 ppm for black and colored printing respectively, but this is fairly acceptable for a mid-sized workgroup. The printer comes with Samsung’s special NO NOIS technology, a 360 MHz processor, a duplexer, an impressive 2400 x 600 dpi print resolution, and a very affordable price tag.

What’s Important in a Network Color Laser Printer

Aside from the wired or wireless aspect of a network color laser printer, there are plenty more things to consider when buying one. Not because a printer happens to be network-ready already means that the printer is exactly what you need. When  you’re about to buy a network printer, make sure to keep several things in mind.

First of all, since the printer is going to be shared by a lot of people, it should be generally fast. If not, different print jobs from different workers might get stuck in line, which usually causes a problem, especially if the printer’s processor is quite limited.

A hefty processor would also definitely help. If printing is slow, this could also result to paper jams, and all the print jobs lined up would cause inconvenience probably to the entire workgroup. A durable, powerful, and highly efficient machine is what’s called for in printer sharing.

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