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Multiple Choices in Multi-Function Printers

Color Laser Printer Scanner A color laser printer scanner is an integral part of any business. The idea to combine these two important machines into one revolutionized the consumer electronics industry.

As the ordinary desktop computer gets crowded with all the additional hardware you need to link up to it to meet all your multimedia needs, a separate scanner to allocate space for can certainly crowd your workspace. But with a printer and scanner in one, you can save space so all your important equipments are within your reach, saving you some effort as well.

The problem is, the color laser printer scanner market is just as crowded as your workspace without a multi-function printer.

There are just too many products fighting for your attention. The market is dominated by one too many brands, all of them well-established in the industry and bears uncontested excellence. Surely you have heard of these brands, namely Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Brother, Canon, and Samsung, among several others.

Given the excellence promised by all these brands, it would be the most difficult task to choose one product among all that they offer. Here’s a list of just some of what you can choose from.

Top-Rating Color Laser Printer Scanner

A few of the color laser printer scanners that are highly recommended are:

  • Canon MF3240 Color Laser Printer
  • Brother DCP 7020 Multifunction Printer
  • Lexmark XC940E Multifunction Printer
  • Samsung CLX-3175N Color Laser Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax

1. Canon MF3240 Color Laser Printer

The Canon imageCLASS MF3240 color laser printer is a great rendition of the space-saving concept. Not only does it house several machines in one, but it also looks especially compact that you’d think it was a normal desktop printer.

This printer combines printing, copying, scanning, and faxing in one. Aside from the size, it also prints fast high-quality documents with a speed of 21 ppm. It uses Canon’s Single Cartridge System for fuss-free replenishing. Scanning produces great, true-to-original scans.

2. Brother DCP 7020 Multifunction Printer

The Brother DCP 7020 Multifunction Printer is one of Brother’s best MFCs. The printer comes with a digital copier and a color scanner. It includes a lot of features such as an amazing 9600 x 9600 dpi printing at a speed of 20 ppm.

The copier has an ADF and can hold 250 sheets of paper. The scanner is a flatbed and can scan books and magazines. Scanning is fast and easy to do with automatic scan buttons and quick launch features.

3. Lexmark XC940E Multifunction Printer

The Lexmark XC940E is yet another color laser printer scanner that belongs to the high-ranking products in this category. The machine can handle all your demanding print jobs, even those A3-sized. The laser prints are crisp and solid, while the speed leaves you nothing to complain about, what with a revolutionary 45 pages per minute in black printing and 40 pages per minute in colored printing.

The flatbed color scanner is an excellent addition, producing only the sharpest and most precise scans.

4. Samsung CLX-3175N Color Laser Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax

The Samsung CLX-3175N is one of the hottest multifunction color laser printers and scanners around. The print-scan-copy machine is a compact, stylish, and perfectly functional.

Although it does not boast of the same speeds as those of other printers’, at 16 ppm B&W and 4 ppm color, it can handle simple printing needs of home businesses and small offices. The print quality, however, more than makes up for that, with a maximum resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi for both black and colored printing.

The scanner, on the other hand, is definitely a bonus. It has an optical/interpolated 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, resulting to sharp and clear scans. This is a great color laser printer scanner for small-scale uses.

How a Color Laser Printer Scanner Helps

A color laser printer scanner can help you do what you need to do without taking up so much space in your workspace. But space is not the only thing you save when you buy a color laser printer scanner. You also save money, time, and effort as you work with just one machine for more than one purpose.

Some multifunction printers may also take up some space, and these are mostly those meant for medium to large businesses. There are also smaller and more compact printers for small businesses. By determining your specific needs, you will surely find the best multifunction helper needed in your home or business.

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