Lexmark X2350
The Cheapest All-in-One Printer Around

lexmark x2350 The Lexmark X2350 is a printer that claims attention because of its price. Not because it is excessively expensive, but it is too affordable to be true.

But it is true. It seems that Lexmark made it their mission to produce the cheapest all-in-one printer on the market, and the result is the Lexmark X2350.

This printer is a highly saleable printer. We can’t deny that all-in-ones are in demand these days.

The needs of consumers are expanding and people are going more and more for convenience as the world keeps going faster. Having an all-in-one means that you can do more, and using one is also very convenient, saving both time and money.

You don’t have to switch from one machine to another, and you don’t have to rearrange your furniture just to give your printer, scanner, and copier some space.

Now, they’re all available in just one machine, and a particular model actually comes in a very low price that you’d barely notice the difference from when you buy a standalone printer.

The Basic Functionalities of the Lexmark X2350

With a simple, clean-cut look, the X2350 All-in-One printer from Lexmark is also simple in its general makeup.

It has simple, standard capabilities and works with a quality that meets expectations well.

Printing Quality and Speed

The tri-color printer itself uses a single cartridge combining both the black and the color inks. The printer is able to print up to a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi using photo paper, which makes it even more affordable since it happens to be optimized for photo printing as well.

The printer also prints quite fast, and even comes with a QuickPrint option, which further speeds up printing. So with this model, you can print 15 colored pages per minute.

Even at that speed, paper jams will not be a problem, with the printer’s Accu-feed paper feeder.


The copier, on the other hand, copies with almost the same speed, at 12 ppm. You can use the copier to reduce or enlarge the size of your documents.


The printer also comes with a flatbed scanner that can scan up to 600 x 1200 dpi with a scan depth of 48-bit. With these specs, you can expect the resulting scans to be very sharp and precise.

The scanner can scan anything from letters and simple text documents to documents with graphics and even pictures.

Additional Features of the Lexmark X2350

This plug-and-play printer is very easy to use and to install. It has been designed to be easily installed and connected using a USB cable.

Lexmark’s Special All-in-One Center

The printer ships with a software CD, which installs the printer and includes some featured software as well. The software included is Lexmark’s special All-in-One center.

This software empowers the printer to do what you want it to do in enhanced ways. The software equips the printer with an OCR scanning capability as well as photo-editing.

The photo editor can help you enhance your photos before printing, and even comes with a red-eye remover.

The Final Word on the Lexmark X2350

Ratings and reviews given to the X2350 from Lexmark vary depending on who is speaking.

Users whose needs are focused on the printing component of this all-in-one are not as satisfied as those users whose needs are mostly focused on the other components.

People looking at the copier and the scanner will definitely be surprised at what the two can do on such a cheap machine. But when it comes to the printer, the story is different. Consumers find the print quality satisfactory, but the color is another story. Some users rate the X2350 from Lexmark quite low for the mixture of colors in the print outputs.

Since the printer uses only one cartridge, the colors seem to mix together sometimes. But other than that, the simplicity of the printer as well as its low price still finds it some uses in consumers’ homes.

Those looking to buy a scanner, or perhaps a copier, can just buy this model and get a multi-purpose machine instead.

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