Lexmark X83
All You Need At A Price You’ll Love

lexmark x83 The Lexmark x83 catches consumers’ attention as it combines both economy and quality in one package.

Its ranking based on quality and performance aligns it with other printers from Lexmark and other brands that are available at higher prices than the less than $200 price of Lexmark X83.

The print/scan/copy/fax machine is definitely a great buy, especially for those who want a multi-function printer but want an affordable model.

This multi-function printer provides versatility and also savings. The printer thus serves an entire line of consumers all to itself.

What Can the Lexmark X83 Do?

The low price of the Lexmark X83 does not reflect its quality. In fact, its low price is completely opposite to its high-quality performance and capabilities.

A few things about the X83 from Lexmark :

  • High printing speed and quality
  • Impressive flatbed scanner
  • 10 copies/minute copier

1. X83 Printing Speed and Quality

This thermal inkjet printer is a competitive printer able to make great copies of both text documents as well as images. It prints with a 600 x 1200 dpi resolution, making sure that you get only sharp and clear prints using this printer.

It also saves a lot of time by printing up to 12 pages per minute in black. Colored printing may be a bit slower, at 6 ppm, but the quality is not to be complained about, so the moderately slow print speed is easy to forgive.

2. Impressive Flatbed Scanner

Also, the flatbed scanner is pretty impressive. For less than $200, you can already scan documents and images and even OCR text.

Who said that scanned text conversion into editable text is a feature only available in high-priced printers? This printer proves that wrong. And with its removable lid, you can scan even books.

3. Lexmark X83 Copier

The copier also does quite well on its own. It can make up to 10 copies per minute. Its maximum capacity is 99 pages in one go.

Great Features of the Lexmark X83

You’ll definitely be surprised at the wide range of features that come with this printer, especially given its price.

1. Double Sided Printing

But yes, you have all these features when you buy the Lexmark X83, starting with a duplexer for double-sided printing and additional software provided by Lexmark for all your photo editing and organizing needs.

2. Color Copier

The copier of the Lexmark X83 is a color copier complete with reducer and enlarger to meet your various copying needs. Colored copying is quite an expensive feature, but Lexmark has made it possible for even budget-conscious buyers to get access to this useful technology.

In fact, this printer is known as the lowest priced printer that comes with a color copier. The copier is also very convenient and saves energy as you can use it even on its own and without connecting to a computer.

Imagine the hassle of having to turn on your computer, which we all know takes some time always, just because you need to make one copy of a single document. That inconvenience is eliminated with the X83 from Lexmark, which makes it a tad better than its predecessor X73.

3. User Friendly Navigation

Also, even those who don’t know how to operate a computer can use the printer’s copy function quite easily with its user-friendly navigation buttons.

This makes this printer great for use at home or in the office. When used in the office, you can even hook it up easily to various computers through a USB 2.0 port.

4. Automatic Scan to PC Fax Feature

To make this printer look better in your eyes, it also has the automatic Scan to PC Fax feature, which definitely cuts your work processes short. This is one convenient printer with robust capabilities but a really low price.

Lexmark X83: Highly Recommended

The Lexmark X83 seems to gather great ratings and reviews based on every aspect that matters.

First, its physical appearance and weight makes it an easy choice to make for consumers looking for a portable printer that you can use anywhere at home or in the office. At 15 pounds, you can move the printer around so you can use it where you need it.

In terms of performance, it certainly exceeds expectations given its price. And the price is obviously one of the top reasons why this printer is highly recommended.

If you are looking for a printer that provides great functionality and reliability but is trying to work within financial bounds, then this may just be what you’re looking for.

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