Samsung ML 1210
Deserves More Than Three Stars

Samsung ML 1210 The Samsung ML 1210, judging by its impressive performance, is definitely a product of an internationally acclaimed brand. The word Samsung may translate into “three stars,” but this product no doubt gets more than just three stars for its overall value.

This is a great printer for both home and small office use.

Samsung ML 1210 Printer Review: The Total Package

Some of great features in Samsung ML 1210 are:

  • Print Quality and Speed
  • Power and Memory
  • Versatility
  • Ease of Use
  • Economy

1. Print Quality and Speed

The Samsung ML 1210 offers great value for a great price. If you are looking for a printer for use at home or in the office and wants to get a great, versatile office-printing package at a great price, the Samsung ML 1210 is certainly one of the printers you should consider.

The printer offers sharp prints with its maximum True dpi resolution of 600 x 600, enough to provide consistently great-looking non-watery prints with a speed of 12 pages per minute, with the first page out in 13 seconds. This is certainly not the fastest, but it falls within the average standard speed of a printer in this class.

2. Power and Memory

Inside the Samsung ML 1210, the printer is equipped with a special Juniper 3 66 MHz RISC processor and a RAM of 8 MB. You wouldn’t be able to guess at the power inside this printer with its 13 by 13.9 by 9 size, which marks one of the smallest and most compact printer sizes of a laser model. It also has a combined toner cartridge and OPC Imager for easy installation.

3. Versatility

Aside from that, it can also be connected to your computer using both parallel port and USB, and works with PC, Mac, and Linux for better adaptability to your preferred operating system. Paper handling is optimum, supported by a multipurpose input tray that can hold 150 sheets of standard paper. It also has a single-sheet document feeder for other media types and sizes such as labels, envelopes, and even transparencies. With this printer, you can print letter, legal, A4, executive, A5, B5, C5, Folio, among some others.

4. Ease of Use

The printer also comes with easy navigation control buttons, such as the Cancel and Reprint buttons, for easy operation. The Reprint button is a great feature in Samsung printers that allows you to print the last page you printed. The print already stores the page in memory, which means you don’t even need to turn your computer back on.

The printer also has a Demo button, which you can just press if you want to let out a test page or execute a self-cleaning operation, depending on how long you hold the button. Samsung was clearly thinking about you and your needs when the Samsung ML 1210 was created.

5. Economy

Samsung also enhances this product with the special toner saving mode that operates with one touch of a button. The toner saving mode will lighten the print stamp of your output, but it won’t affect the overall quality of your prints. It will, in the end, help you to save on toner costs by a large margin.

A replacement toner costs about $60, which means that each printed page will cost about 2.4 cents only. The toner has an average life span of 2,500 pages, which makes it one of the most economical printer options for home use, especially with its energy-saving features.

Samsung ML 1210: A Reasonable Choice

The Samsung ML 1210 is not a high-end printer, but it is definitely a reasonable choice that is within the means of most home or small business user. It offers good quality prints, a speed that can keep up with typical needs, and a versatility that allows a wide range of usage. It is also economical not only in your initial splurge but also in operation and maintenance, with its energy saving and toner saving features.

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