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Samsung Laser Printer Samsung laser printers come with excellent quality that can only be provided by a top brand like Samsung. There is no question as to what these printers can do. In summary, though, one thing is for sure, these printers deserve the worldwide acclaim given to them and to the Samsung name because they offer solutions for consumers’ printing needs.

Samsung laser printers fall into five different categories based on the full Samsung product list. These categories are the personal laser printers, the workgroup laser printers, the monochrome laser MFPs, the color laser MFPs, and the color laser printers.

Samsung Laser Printer: Review of What Options You Have

The various types of samsung laser printers are:

  • Personal Laser Printers
  • Workgroup Laser Printers
  • Monochrome Laser MFP
  • Color Laser MFP
  • Color Laser Printers

1. Personal Laser Printers

Personal laser printers have a wide range of uses. It can be used for personal home printing, and it can also fit perfectly in any small business. One of Samsung’s personal laser printer series, the ML-2850, offers such printers backed by consistently superior performance and a versatility that makes it a great addition to any home or business office. The printers in this series all sport sleek appearances that appeals to a wide segment of the market.

The printers are not just sleek; they are unbelievably compact that they can be placed on a desktop and you won’t even find it a bother. But the versatility and the look are just the introduction. The best feature of these printers is that they are very affordable options, even despite the fact that Samsung is one of the biggest worldwide brands in the industry.

The highest resolution you can get from a Samsung personal laser printer is 1200 x 1200 dpi, and the fastest speed is 28 ppm of A4 documents. The top models in this series also come with the duplex feature. To buy from this category, check out models ML 2245, ML 1640, ML 2850D, ML 2240, ML 1610, ML 2010, and ML 2570.

2. Workgroup Laser Printers

Samsung laser printers can also be used by several people all together, thanks to the workgroup laser printer units. These laser printers come equipped with boundless connectivity, either Ethernet or wireless or even both, to enable you to connect your printer to a network that links several computers, so your printer can be used by one and all.

The printers in this category are powerful enough to handle all the print jobs the various members of the workgroup will be throwing their way. For a Samsung laser printer built for a workgroup, try the ML 2851ND, a compact, economical, and dependable printer that has paper saving features and a duplexing feature.

From this series, you can enjoy 28 ppm print speeds and 1200 x 1200 resolutions. Other models to check out include the ML 4050N, the ML 3471ND, the ML 4551NDR, the ML 2571N, and the ML 3051ND.

3. Monochrome Samsung Laser MFP

If you are focused on monochrome printing, you can save money with a monochrome laser MFP from Samsung. MFPs combine various functionalities, including copy, scan, fax, and PC fax. Such printers are very popular, so Samsung has come up with several different models under this category, starting with the SCX 4824FN, a very versatile machine with 5 different functions.

The models worth mentioning in this category are the SCX 4828, SCX 4300, SCX 6322DN, SCX 4720, and the SF 565PR.

4. Color Laser MFP

The color laser MFPs, on the other hand, are quite similar to the monochrome models, except that they provide the advantage of printing colored documents.

More people nowadays expectedly prefer the color models, which include CLX 3175FN, CLX 2160, CLX 3160FN, and the CLX 2160N. These printers are also quiet, compact, and offers exceptional print quality with a 2400 x 600 dpi and with speeds of up to 16 ppm in monochrome and 4 ppm in color.

5. Color Laser Printers

But Samsung is well-recognized for their line of color laser printers, which consist of the world’s smallest color laser printer and also the best-looking models. In black, the CLP-315 is a visual delight.

The CLP-660ND and the CLP-610ND are also products that are well-received by the market. The CLP-610ND alone offers 20 ppm per minute in A4 and high-quality print speeds. All these printers are available at highly affordable prices.

Why Buy Samsung Laser Printers?

Samsung laser printers make great contribution to the laser printing market. With Samsung laser printers, consumers are blessed with affordable, powerful printers in great-looking packages. Samsung offers some of the top laser printers around.

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