Samsung ML 2010
A Strong Point in the Laser Printer Business

Samsung ML 2010 The Samsung ML 2010 is praised for being the fastest printer in its price range and class. This is a good printer to have at home and in a home or small business office. Aside from its amazing speed for an affordable monochrome laser printer, the ML 2010’s strong points also include unrelenting performance, very convenient features that make printing a breeze, and an impressive design.

Indeed, the ML 2010 from Samsung is one of those laser printers that make it easy for us to see the reason why laser printers are slowly taking over and toppling inkjet printers from its popular throne.


Samsung ML 2010 Review : What You Need to Know

The notable attributes of Samsung ML 2010 are:

  • The Strongest ML 2010 Suits
  • A Fully Capable Printer
  • Special Samsung Feature

1. The Strongest Suits

There are a lot of monochrome laser printers around, but while some tackles print jobs with only 14 ppm or 17 ppm, Samsung ML 2010 overtakes them all with its 22 pages per minute print speed, with the first page out in just under 10 seconds.

But even with this speed, the machine is unfailingly powerful, providing continuous performance to keep up with your printing needs. But don’t worry, the price does not sacrifice the quality of prints this printer is capable of churning out. It is unexpectedly very thorough, producing sharp and crystal clear prints. As some printer struggle with a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, this printer shoots up the clarity of your prints with its 1200 x 600 dpi resolution, outsmarting several other players in the business game it is in.

Clearly, the output of the ML 2010 is just plain better than outputs of most competitors, both in text prints and graphics. Tests have shown that text, even fonts in small points, such as 5 points, can be easily read with no additional effort required. Graphics printing is also impressive, given the printer’s being a monochrome laser printer.

The graphics output is still better than can be expected from a printer with the price tag on the ML 2010.

2. A Fully Capable Printer

The Samsung ML 2010 is a confidently capable printer, even at its budget price.

It comes with a 150-sheet input tray and a 100-sheet output tray. Its total printing capacity is 5000 pages for every monthly duty cycle. Also, you can easily connect the printer to most computer systems with its USB 1.1 and 2.0 connectivity. And once you’ve connected the printer’s cords into place, you can easily install the printer software in a breeze.

In fact, all it really takes is a click of your mouse button. On top of that, the printer also works with all operating systems, namely Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

3. Special Samsung Features

Samsung is also famous for its special and unique features packed into its printers.

First on the list of these innovative and unique Samsung offers is the compact size of the printer. A lot of Samsung printers, despite genuine printing power, occupy quite a small space and are very lightweight. At just 14 x 12, this printer will definitely fit into any home office and won’t be unobtrusive even while on top of your desk.

The second unique feature in the ML 2010 from Samsung is the one-touch TonerSave button, which can help decrease your toner consumption by a 40% without affecting the quality of prints. The TonerSave button is just one of the many easy navigation buttons on the printer’s front panel. Everything, it seems, about this printer spells easy. You can easily change toner and add paper with the front access panels incorporated into the compact design of the printer.

Samsung ML 2010 Printer Review : The Perfect Choice

If you are out shopping for a powerful, high-speed laser printer, you should definitely consider the Samsung ML 2010. Needless to say, a Samsung product is the fruit of 20 years of expertise in the consumer electronics business.

Aside from that, the ML 2010 is a special product all by itself, so does printer reviews around agree on. It is fast, reliable, convenient, and can be easily set up to work alongside your trusty computer, which has found a trusty companion in the ML 2010. You have, too.

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