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Printer reviews and ratings is one of the best ways to help you find the best printers for your needs - whether your choice being the best all in one printers, photo printers or laser printers - considering printers from HP, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Samsung or some of the other main brands.

Various people and various purposes require various factors from printers.

In choosing printers, you should consider two main things: you and the printer you need.

As for factors that concern you, think about what you need your printer for and what you are specifically looking for.

You may have special requirements or preferences, which can affect your choice ;

  • Are you looking for a all-in-one-deal with printer, scanner and copier ?
  • Or is the photo printer quality what is important for you ?
  • Is the printer for business purposes or are you strictly looking for the best printers for home use ?


What printer type are you looking for ? Use the Search below to search through this site !



As for factors concerning the printer itself, consider the quality of the printer as a machine, the cost of printing per page, the output quality, the different paper types and sizes accepted, the price, the size of the printer, and maintenance.

The Best Printers Is All About Personal Preference and Choice

best printerAll Printer Reviews gives you a hand with all of this. For all the main type printers - all the way from the laser type through the injket and to more specialized printers.

To find the best printer out there for your needs.

In addition to this, you'll see others in your situation share their reviews.

New! Share your thoughts on your favourite printer and to win a gift certificate

We've all owned printers. And if you wish to read what others have said before you, or if you have your voice to be heard... Then please check out the visitor Printer Comparisons Section for visitor reviews.

Printer Reviews: Top Recommended Printers - Best All in One Printers Included

printer reviews1. Choices for Home Printer Users

As an example, the best printers for most home use are affordable inkjet models of single-function printers, while small businesses and professionals usually require All in One Types or lasers. Challenging this, however, is the new multifunction printers designed for home use.  

2. Best Professional Printers

The best brands, review-based, for business and professional printers are HP All-in-One OfficeJet models, Brother All-in-One Laser Printers, Canon Pixma printers, as well as some of the top models from Lexmark and Epson.

3. Best Special Purpose Printers

And for special purpose printing, the best printers for these purposes, again based on printer reviews, are those specifically designed for photo printing, such as HP’s Photosmart models, Epson PictureMate models, Canon Selphy printers, and Brother Color Laser printers.

All on this and much more in All Printer Reviews - Helping you make the right choice for your needs.

Below are the main categorier of All Printer Reviews.

Main Printer Review Categories for Finding the Best Printers :

hp printer

HP Printers - Quality with a Name You Can Trust - HP printers are products of excellence. In buying printers, Hewlett Packard offers a wide assortment of top notch printers for nearly all printing purposes.


canon printer

Canon Printers - Lead the Way - Canon printers are one of the most sought after brands of printers in the market. Canon have a variety of printers such as the photo printers, the compact photo printers in addition to their all-in-one and professional injet printers.


brother printerBrother Printers - The Multi-Awarded Printer Brand - If you are looking for high-quality printers that you can trust, do not forget to take check out the Brother printers. Their laser printers are among their best products these days for this traditional company of printers, sewing machines and more..


epson printer

Epson Printers - Unrivaled in Quality - Epson continues to be a main provider in quality printer products, where each one packed with the special features and the unquestionable class of the Epson printer product line.


lexmark printer

Lexmark Printers - The Printer You Can Rely On - With a remarkable history, Lexmark printers continues to provide excellent products that win out over even other bigger names in the business, making them a true and dedicated expert in printer manufacturing.


all in one printers

Best Printer - Making the Choice - Before you even begin to choose your the best printer, just by looking at the wide range of printers that you need to sort through to make a choice, you can certainly get confused. Tips and recommendations. Easy management is a must through fast USB connected data.


photo printer reviewsPhoto Printer Reviews - Nowadays, the photo printers are rising in demand - due to the increase in digitalcamera use. If you want to pick a photo printer, a short look at the top photo printer reviews tells you that the choice is between theEpson Stylus, Canon Pixma and the HP Photosmart. All excellent photo printer choices in your hunt for the best photo printers


best all in one printersBest All in One Printers - The all in one multifunction printers consists of a fax, printers, scanner and copier all inone. These printers have gained market share the last four to five years as the qulity of these smalll powerful machines have increase dramatically. Check out the best all in on printer reviews for your need.

best printers for home use

Best Printers for Home Use - What are the best printers for home use, the best home printers ? We look into some of the printers that does an excellent job in home printing.


inkjet printer reviewsInkjet Printer Reviews - Inkjet printers with a corresponding photography software, gives you superior performance and speed at your services. Avaliable storage card are typically comtatible with a series of the latest models. Check especially out the good series of Kodak printers that have the advantage of a long history within photo and video - to print high resolution, high level prints in a flash. Check out our inkjet printer reviews for more information.

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Sep 05, 2011

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP5520 Printer Series Review

Offices and businesses that, often, need to print a large volume of documents will find assistance in the devices featured in the HP Color LaserJet Enterprise

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Datacard SP75 Printer Review

Government and Corporate offices need to protect their critical assets and augment their security and this is possible with the help of a device featured

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May 16, 2011

HP Officejet Mobile Printers Review

Business owners and individuals in need of mobile printing solutions to meet their needs can consider the new devices added to the lineup of HP Officejet

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May 01, 2011

Canon Pixma Smart Office Multifunctional Printers Review

Home users, home offices and businesses will welcome the addition of new multifunctional printing devices in the market, as presented in this Canon Pixma

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Samsung MultiXpress A3 Color Multifunctional Printers Review

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Canon DreamLabo 5000 Printer Review

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While every business needs equipment that is reliable and efficient to boost productivity, they also consider those that would reduce their operation costs

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Canon Pixma iX6560 Inkjet Printer Review

Professional looking newsletters and menus are sure to give a good first impression that lasts and businesses looking to print their own in size A3 can

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Sharp Workgroup Printers, Frontier Series

A network printer provides convenience to different workgroups and Sharp Workgroup Printers, Frontier Series offer innovative solutions that increase efficiency

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Large Format Photo Printers

When you are in the profession of taking pictures or in the business of joining exhibits and art sales, you will, definitely, find it worthwhile to invest

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Epson Impact Printers

Offices and business can benefit from the advantages brought about by Epson Impact Printers. This is one of the leading and more popular brands, known

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Toshiba TEC Barcode Printers

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Best ID Card Printers 2011

Every establishment is aware of the importance of id cards and for this reason, our best ID card printer review 2011 presents different brands of devices

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PictBridge Printers

With the onset of wireless capabilities on several devices, PictBridge Printers are, now, fast becoming a must have for those who are into photo printing.

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