Samsung ML 1430
Full of Surprises without the Price

Samsung ML 1430 The Samsung ML 1430 offers great value even at a low price. The printer is known for its innovatively small size, which is considered one of the smallest in the range of affordable monochrome laser printers. The deceivingly small size, however, does not begin to describe what a big machine this printer really is inside.

The ML 1430 may have been sketched based on previous Samsung monochrome laser printer models such as the ML 1210 and the ML 1250, but it definitely is all the better, with some additional features to answer the limitations consumers faced with the previous models.


Why Samsung ML 1430 Deserves Your Attention

Some of the outstanding characteristics of Samsung ML 1430 are:

  • How the ML 1430 Performs
  • More Features Than You Bargained For
  • Samsung Versatility minus the Hefty Price Tag

1. How the ML 1430 Performs

As a monochrome laser printer, the Samsung ML 1430 has the speed that laser printers are celebrated for. It is certainly not the fastest monochrome laser printer around, but for a printer in this price range and class, Samsung ML 1430 prints at a brisk pace of 15 pages per minute.

Also, it is definitely important for a monochrome printer laser to produce sharp and clear text prints, which is exactly what this printer model offers, with its 600 x 600 dpi print resolution. This resolution is also good enough to print excellent graphics that won’t let you down.

The quality is more than what you bargained for with this highly affordable product, and you can be sure that your printer is up for anything with the special 66 MHz Samsung Jupiter 3 processor working inside it as well as an 8 MB memory. With such a machine, you can print a maximum monthly output of 12,000 pages.
2. More Features Than You Bargained For

The ML 1430, even with its low price, offers quite a good set of features that will delight any consumer. In fact, the set of features is unexpected given the printer’s low price. But here they come in multitudes. The printer has a special Reprint button, which proves once again that Samsung is the leader when it comes to meeting special consumer needs. With one push of the Reprint button, you can print the last page you just printed without need for any other motions.

Even if you’ve already turned your computer off, you can still print that last page as the printer has it stored in memory. Another one-touch function is the dedicated Cancel button that helps you cancel your prints easily. It also prints in a very low noise level, making it a smooth, quiet operator that won’t make any disturbance unlike most other printers.

3. Versatility minus the Hefty Price Tag

In addition to those convenient features, Samsung ML 1430 also offers versatility. You can use the printer to print all your printing needs, from text documents to envelopes, labels, cards, and transparencies. The maximum paper size is A4 and Legal, but you can print on sizes such as Folio, Executive, B5, C5, and a lot more.

You just need this one printer now; you don’t have to buy a separate unit for your special printing needs nor do you have to outsource your printing since the Samsung ML 1430 is affordable enough both for business users and home users. And to support the versatility, the printer comes with a paper bin that can hold 150 sheets at once.

The versatility goes on, too, since this printer can connect to both PC and Mac computers, a feature not available in some other monochrome laser printers in this price range, and can be connected to your computer through USB connection and parallel port.

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The package comes with a starter toner cartridge that can print up to 1000 sheets. You can make it last longer, however, if you use Samsung’s special TonerSave button. It’s amazing how just one touch of a button is needed to help you lower your toner consumption by an amazing 40%.

With the help of the economy printing mode, this printer actually reached the top spot as the printer in its class with the highest monthly duty cycle. Even at a low price, this printer can meet your demands, so says top printer reviews around.

The Samsung ML 1430 may not be the most feature-filled printer around, but it is definitely all for economy and savings, making it a really great printer for a lot of people.

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