Samsung ML 1740
Bargain Entry-Level Printer that Fits Your Budget

Samsung ML 1740 The Samsung ML 1740 clearly deserves the stars linked to Samsung’s name. As a printer, it excels in quality and convenient usage. This is a good entry-level monochrome laser printer for home and small office use.

Even bargain hunters will find this product a definite choice with its very affordable price, which gives you a printer that has all the basic ingredients for the printing that you need. Its price is practically half of what you will have to pay in average for a monochrome printer of this class.

But of course, as an entry-level printing, the printer does not have all the features you could ever want. It may not be the best option if you are looking for an advanced printer for seriously heavy printing work, but if you are looking for a cheap monochrome printer that can do light to moderate printing in good quality, this should be on your list of products to check out.

What the Samsung ML 1740 Is All About

Some of the attractive features of the Samsung ML 1740 are:

  • Speed and Samsung Print Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Connectivity of The ML 1740

1. Speed and Print Quality Of The Samsung ML 1740

Despite its relatively economical price, the Samsung ML 1740 offers text printing you can’t find fault about. Powered by a maximum 600 x 600 dpi print resolution, the printer can effortlessly print sharp and crisp text documents and monochrome graphics without gradation.

The text in these documents is very easy to read, even those in small fonts. The print speed is what could be expected of a printer in this class. At up to 17 pages per minute, this printer can deliver your print jobs without a problem and without having you wait for long. With a 66 MHz processor  and a rather limited 8 MB memory, this printer can handle light, everyday printing.

2. Ease of Use

One of the perks about the Samsung ML 1740, however, is that it comes in a sleek 14-inch package that is very light, at only 16 pounds, and easy to set up. Although the look is simple, traditional, and a bit boxy, its unobtrusive compact size manages to attract, and eventually delight, a lot of users.  Even at a small size, however, the printer comes with a main paper tray that can hold 250 sheets and another single-sheet bypass tray.

The printer accommodates various types of paper, such as plain paper, envelopes, and even transparencies for your special needs. Aside from this, the printer has a combined unit consisting of the toner cartridge and imaging drum, which makes for easy maintenance. Navigation of the easy touch buttons on the front panel of the printer is also very easy, just like setup and installation.

3. Printer Connectivity Of The 1740

A limitation, however, could be that the Samsung ML 1740 does not work with a Mac. This could actually be a small problem since there are also a lot of consumers using Apple computers these days. If you are one of these consumers, this product is clearly not what you’re looking for. Lucky for PC users, though, because they have an excellent and highly affordable printer choice.

As for physical connectivity, the printer can work with both parallel ports and USB ports. Though it does not have network connectivity, the printer definitely has all that it needs to offer as a basic monochrome laser printer.

Samsung ML 1740 Review : Built to Work

The Samsung ML 1740 package comes with a starter toner cartridge that could print an average of 1,000 pages, while a regular replacement toner cartridge can print 3,000 pages.

The printer, however, comes with an economy printing mode, embodied in Samsung’s special TonerSave button, that can help you save toner by about 40%. Though quite modest, this printer still manages to give great value for the consumers it was built for.

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