Samsung ML 1610 Printer
Small, Affordable, but Powerful

Samsung ML 1610 The Samsung ML 1610 printer puts much emphasis on speed and performance, making it one of the best and most affordable options when you are after the same things. This printer is a decidedly powerful machine, but you won’t be able to tell based on its quite compact look. A lot of buyers, in fact, have been surprised to receive quite a small box for the printer that they were expecting.

Samsung has created this printer with power stemming from a strong chassis and print engine, but disguised it in a small package. The printer is also quite lightweight; you’ll be able to tell the difference the moment you take it out of its box. But don’t let the printer’s size fool you, nor its price.

Even at its powerful state, the printer is unexpectedly affordable. Both its size and price could hold the real power of the Samsung ML1610 printer.

Samsung ML1610 Printer Review

A few vital features of the Samsung ML 1610 printer are:

  • Power, Speed and Quality of the Samsung 1610
  • Versatility Printing in A Box
  • Low Noise Samsung Prints

1. Power, Speed And Quality: The Samsung 1610 Strongest Points

The ML1610 printer from Samsung has a pretty impressive portfolio, which, again, is not apparent when looking at the printer’s very simple and very neat appearance. The printer is full of great usage benefits, starting with its speed of 16 pages per minute in black A4 printing. Letter documents can even come out slightly faster, at 17 pages per minute.

These speeds, however, are actually conservative figures, according to some reviewers who were able to test the printer in actual. It turns out that printing can actually take even less time than this estimated speed, which is already quite faster than other printer models at the same class. It does not just print fast, too. It also triggers printing just as fast. After you start printing, the first page will come out in just ten seconds.

But with this speed, the print quality is surprisingly thorough, thanks to the printer’s 600 x 600 dpi print resolution. The print quality, especially of text, is above the standard, resulting in crisp, sharp letter, though text printing is noticeably of better quality than graphics and images printing. But this is barely a compromise. After all, the printer is already affordable enough.

2. Versatility in A Box

The Samsung ML1610 printer is furnished with a Samsung 150 MHz processor with 2 MB memory for easy data processing. The printer itself can also accommodate a hefty 150 sheets of paper on its multi-purpose tray. It is noticeable that this printer does not have a duplexer, but in all other aspects, the printer basically meets most printing needs with its wide variety of supported papers. You can print on plain paper, post card, envelope, and even on transparency.

Above anything else, the ML1610 printer from Samsung is about versatility. If you are going to use this in an office, you can connect it easily to your network through both wired and wireless connections.

3. Low Noise Samsung Prints

Another unique offer from Samsung ML 1610 printer is its low-noise printing. The printer prints at a noise level of less than 50 dBA.

Although you may not fully appreciate this feature at first, once you experience other quite noisy printers, you will definitely feel appreciative of this unique addition. This is also a great feature for a printer that can be used in business offices where noisy printing might disturb other people in the room. Not all brands have this, but Samsung ensures that most of its printers are equipped with quiet printing technologies.

Samsung ML1610 Printer: Your Total Package Benefit

What you’ll love even more about this product, however, is that maintenance and operation is definitely within your means. Not only is the printer itself inexpensive; the replacement cartridges is also quite reasonable.

The printer already ships with a starter cartridge that can print 1000 pages. After your supply is depleted, you can replace it with affordable cartridge. You can also tell with a special sensor how much toner you’ve got left, so you can prepare a replacement. Overall, this is a pretty good printer given its size and price, in comparison to printers in the same class.

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